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German POW Camp - Arizona

German P.O.W. Camp No. 6 (“Outcamp Litchfield Park”):
This old POW camp north of Luke AFB was still present as of 2004 on the SW corner of Olive and Cotton Lanes.

Three of the apparent German barracks were still standing, as was a warden’s house or large, period residence.  The Germans (and some Italians) were made to work the cotton fields in the desert heat until war’s end.  This camp had been used as migrant worker housing for a long time after the war and we found an old Mexican silver coin, but no German paraphernalia…

As of January, 2006 the camp was almost completely demolished for new housing (or because it was an eyesore).  

Thanks to Mike Hoza's article in the Litchfield Historical Society newsletter for information about the POW camp.

POW camp
Abandoned, delapitated residence.
Looking north
Prisoner of War barracks, more foundations in foreground.

We revisited the old POW camp site in October of 2012 and it has nearly vanished.  There are new homes around it (large horse properties).  The only thing standing is the blockhouse and it is half-demolished.  See photos below:

The only thing that remains is the blockhouse.
Half torn-down blockhouse.
This was the old residence foundation. A small cellar can be seen on the right. RR tracks behind it lead to the grain elevator to the north.
Foundation for one of the barracks.
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Echeverria WWII Airfield