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Our Newest Discovery - F8F Bearcat
Bearcat belly-lands on a mesa

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F-84 crash in arizona
Mystery crash solved
F-100D mystery, F-100 super sabre crash in arizona
Another very recent find
Sabre Midair
Sabre Midair
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F-104G crash near Lake Havasu City
F-104G Starfighter
Hollywood Tragedy: JetRanger crashes into bridge
Hollywood Tragedy: JetRanger crashes into bridge
Actual plane, three years before her demise
Connie down
Bombing Range Pics - A view from ground-level
Bombing Range Pics - A view from ground-level
KC-135A Stratotanker, crash, midair collision, airzona crash, tanker crash
KC-135 Stratotanker - crashes into a prison

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The Ultimate Mystery!  BT-13 Vanished.
The Ultimate Mystery! BT-13 vanishes in 1943.
Midair collision, between a Cessna and a Piper.
Tomcat crash - Yuma Bombing Range

We have searched for approximately 160 individual aircraft crash sites since 2001.  Of those, we have found more than 100 crash sites to date in Arizona, New Mexico and California.  There are thousands more to seek in Arizona’s deserts and mountains (1200+ military wrecks alone).

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F-4 Phantom - Barry Goldwater Bombing Range
Catastrophic mid-air collision.  Grumman Yankee private plane and a KC-135.  You'll have to check out our "Visit the Wrecks" page to see more.

A Special Thanks to Trey Brandt, Craig Fuller, Brad Gray, Tony Mireles, and Mike Wright for their inspiration, mentorship, expertise, and infinitely cheerful guidance.  These gentlemen are the best friends and enthusiasts anyone could ask for.

Also, Many Thanks to Harry Prins and Hubert Pietzmeier for all of their assistance in researching F-104 mishaps in Arizona.

A final note of gratitude to Louie Alley at the US Air Force Safety Center for his prompt and thorough help in providing accident reports on all post-1965 accidents.  And hats-off to Archie DiFante at Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, Alabama for all of the data entry cards and additional aircraft information.